Emmett’s Brewing – Robust Porter

Source: theperfectlyhappyman.comA VERY STOUT-LIKE PORTER, but without the nitrogen head and more pronounced flavors all around. Still a familiar variation on Emmett’s theme for darker beers in general: dry, and more inclined towards roasted malt, cocoa, and some bittering hops than the fruity or floral. That said, it is a welcome tangent from their oft too-dry stouts, featuring a fuller mouthfeel without losing any of its carbonation and a slight metallic edge. Hints of licorice, a bit of date, and appropriately more bitter in the finish, but hops are masked enough not to pick out any particular strain. Would like it see it a little more aggressive than 5.5% ABV if this is to be a truly ‘Robust’ porter, but if maintaining a lower level allows it to be served as a full pint, then cheers.

Served: On tap (Emmett’s Tavern, Palatine)

Rating: 85


One thought on “Emmett’s Brewing – Robust Porter

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