North Coast Brewing – PranQster

AN UNFILTERED STRONG BELGIAN-STYLE ale boasting the body and fruity aroma one would expect, but a much thicker mouthfeel due to the swathes of residuals. Here, unfiltered is no understatement. Perhaps a little too mealy out of the bottle, but would pair splendidly with aggressively flavored dishes. Hints of amber ale malt, but more effervescent and moderately hopped. When poured, its metallic qualities become much more prominent. Astringent aftertaste develops as it warms, evoking a Saison with its slightly chalky mouthfeel, too. Arguably one of the best examples of a beer full of defective adjectives that somehow manages to tumble about before landing on its feet. Pranqster, indeed.

Served: 12 oz bottle

Rating: 84


One thought on “North Coast Brewing – PranQster

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