Half Acre – Over Ale

Half Acre Over AleA SLIGHTLY ZESTY BROWN ALE with a touch fuller body and more effervescence than expected, but nothing untoward for its 6% ABV. Root beer brown color with a somewhat creamy head that plumes nicely but doesn’t last too long. Moderate roasted malt notes in the aroma, some edges of caramel in the flavor but more bready overall than sweet. Hops are generally well controlled—piney, pitched towards the latter half of the palate—and balance well in a mild finish. Virtually no hop residuals to be discerned, so any lingering bite is from the roast of the malts. This self-proclaimed “styleless wonder” would pair very well with salty hors d’oeuvres and pub fare alike, and even alone is an estimable session beer.

Served: On tap (Firkin, Libertyville)

Rating: 87


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