New Holland – Golden Cap Saison

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA MIDDLING SAISON that alludes to the style progenitors well enough but without distinction. Ebullient head, but less effervescent and sweeter than expected, reminiscent almost of a golden ale and honey. Correspondingly more hearty of body, too: its estimated 1.065 OG is towards the high side of the Saison spectrum, and with an ABV of 6.25% its FG should be around 1.017, placing it a notch or two above the range for Saisons. Some perceived attenuation comes from an aftertaste more brackish than grassy, with alcohol slickness begins to show after half a bottle. But these are like surface smears of mustard on a toast already damp with jam. A bit of peppery hops are present, though they can’t quite assert themselves amidst a muted blend of orchard fruits.

Served: 12 oz bottle

Rating: 80


One thought on “New Holland – Golden Cap Saison

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