Brauerei Aying – Weizenbock

OPERATING UNDER the shadow of Weihenstephan, Brauerei Aying isn’t always mentioned first amongst Bayern’s Weizen brewers. It’s also a tough draw when your founding in 1876 seems positively pubescent compared to a 1000-year old monastery on a hill. Yet Ayinger’s efforts are still noteworthy, steeped in tradition, and, after opening a new brewery complex in 1999, committed to progress.

            Their 7.1% ABV Weizenbock has a similar palate entry to Weihenstephan’s Vitus, but a cleaner, clearer finish where the purity of the water makes its mark. Its aromas are more open, too, with a stronger presence of malt (caramel, honey) than yeast esters (banana, clove) and a lighter body overall. Large bubbles in moderate, short-lived head, with effervescence a touch below medium. Describing it seems to threaten damnation by faint praise, but it is a simply pleasant kind of beer that is comfortable making no aggressive statements.

Served: 500 ml bottle

Rating: 88


2 thoughts on “Brauerei Aying – Weizenbock

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