Ommegang – Abbey Ale

ONE OF THE BEST AMERICAN EFFORTS at a Belgian Trappist dubbel, but with sufficient American twist (i.e. additives) to distinguish it. Features a robust red color, appropriately voluminous head, and with an earthy, almost faintly fusty aroma that invokes cellar-aging without the immediate density or saturation. First flavor impressions are of figs and cinnamon, then a malt-heavy midsection of developing spices and a bit of citrus (cumin, anise) that invoke big red wine tannins. A little mocha, too. Finish is reminiscent of the aroma (Styrian Golding hops?) and dry enough to sweep up the preceding sweetness. Alcohol and very slight phenol presence lingers a little, but stops short of astringency. Rather charming.

Served: 750 ml bottle

Rating: 91


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