Southern Tier Brewing – Pumking

Southern Tier PumkingA DISTINCTIVE ALE that makes no pretense of its provenance—and strong at 8.6% ABV. No mere additives here; actual pumpkin is clearly discernible as a fermented component of the beer and is considerably more dominant than any malt body. Some hops are present, but overruled by the slightly sticky pumpkin, pecan, and vanilla flavors of the body. A little weirdly buttery in mouthfeel, not bready or crusty. Aroma spot-on match to flavor. Alcohol marginally present, effervescence comparable to most red or amber ales. Fascinating to try and well-composed for what it is, but not something eagerly repeated.

Served: On tap (Bauer’s Brauhaus, Palatine)

Rating: 76


5 thoughts on “Southern Tier Brewing – Pumking

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