Allagash – Curieux

GIVEN THE HALOS that Allagash Curieux surround barrel-aged and tripel style beers, it’s a wonder that only Allagash thought (even still) to combine them in scale. The results are wondrous. A deep amber color and some bubbling head that swiftly subsides bely its aged nature. The nose of this ‘young vintage’ remains zesty, slightly medicinal, equal parts peppermint and sweet Belgian yeasts. The flavor is corresponding, but wrapped in a warm biscuit crispness uncommon in tripels. The bourbon barrels give the finish a touch of liquor’s slick warming finish. The only thing desirable would be to cellar it for a while to smooth its sweet spikes a touch, or for it to have spent less of it aging time in tanks.

Served: 750 cl bottled July 6, 2012

Rating: 95


3 thoughts on “Allagash – Curieux

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