Allagash – Odyssey


ANOTHER BARREL-AGED SPECIALTY BREW, but this time chocolate brown in color, wheat-oriented, and considerably heavier. The Belgian sugars are recognizable, but more pronounced are the roasted malts and sweet fruits—raisin, dates, etc.—that presage a fairly thick finish. The oak aging gives the vanilla here a more molasses kind of edge. Not precisely a dessert beer or quite so dense as a quad, though getting close. The wheat helps smooth the flavor, so even at 10.4% ABV, the 2-row barley base doesn’t cause it to become too biting. Very fine, yet at $19 it really isn’t 2.5 times the beer of, say, Trois Pistoles, for example.

Served: 750 cl bottled December 2011

Rating: 93


2 thoughts on “Allagash – Odyssey

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