Three Floyds – Robert the Bruce Scottish-Style Ale

Robert the Bruce FloydsFOR SUCH A SIZEABLE appellation, Three Floyds has delivered a regrettably underpowered Scotch ale, especially considering their robust (and occasionally) apocalyptic standards for flavor. Robert is suitably malt-forward in flavor with some of the expected smokiness and strength (6.5-7%), but a weak head, lack of depth in aroma, and thinner mouthfeel than expected leave it a bit wanting. Tart dark cherries are very prominent in the aroma, followed by a little light citrus and some bitterness that balance well at first, though these ultimately detract from the brew’s central purpose as a smoky goblet of liquid earth. And though the finish does suggest some sweet fullness on the back of the tongue, this never blossoms as it ought. In short, not too far removed from an old brown ale, alas. And somewhere three Kings Edward smiled.

Served: 12 oz bottle

Rating: 80


One thought on “Three Floyds – Robert the Bruce Scottish-Style Ale

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