Oppigårds – Amarillo APA

Oppigards AmarilloTHE SURPRISING VICTOR against the Ocean Porter, both being sampled at the same time. Single hopped with Amarillo (also dry-hopped thusly) with pale ale/caramel malts (plus some coloring malts for the copper hue) fleshed out by 15% wheat. This was deftly done, as it helps tone down a 50 IBU rating that might otherwise be too bold. Amarillo in sufficient quantity also is tangerine sweet, so its solo application here manages to soften its own bitterness sufficiently. The final product is quite refreshing and hardly simple, but straightforward from its pineapple and tart berry aroma to its spry, well-carbonated, and sufficiently full (SG 1.015) finish. ABV of 5.9% gives it authority without force.

Served: 33 cl bottled ca. Fall 2012

Rating: 88


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