Oceanbryggeriet – Västkust American Pale Ale

SWEDEN PITCHING AMERICAN WEST COAST PALE, but not quite living up to the hop profile. Which is, of course, the crux of any such effort. Amber-colored in pour with a large and fluffy head, but one that subsides too quickly over a body with unusually low carbonation. Aroma is pleasant—slightly underripe grapes, definitely grapefruit, and a little, little caramel malt sweetness for balance. A bit minty. In flavor, some malt is present and tempers the hop finish a smidge towards at the end, though the body isn’t quite substantial enough to give much sustenance. Not sure why its original formula was tempered down from 5,6% and Cascade-hopped variety to its present 4,8% and quad-hopped state, but it seems a little confused, all in all.

Served: 33 cl bottle best by 2015

Rating: 79


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