Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri – Pumpvikens Påsköl Easter Ale (2013)

EASTER ALE: it’s a Swedish tradition, like an inverted Märzen in both calendrical and top- vs. bottom-fermented senses. This particular strain looks and pours like a brown ale—semi-translucent deep brown and gold with some moderate, slightly fizzy head—but is less attenuated, less carbonated, sweeter, a bit syrupy, even. Spiced with herbs, it has a bready, almost muffin kind of texture substantiated by the Maris Otter malt (Ocean’s favorite, too) and plenty of nominal caramel variations  that don’t actually vary much in practice. Hops only mildly present in the finish (e.g. East Kent Golding), which is rather drier than it could have been (a plus), though a stronger presence would likely only confuse the style.

Served: 500 ml bottle (Vintage 2013)

Rating: 77


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