Mikkeller/Grassroots – Wheat is the New Hops Pale Ale

Wheat is the New HopsFITTING TWIST ON THE IPA from these alchemists and a sentiment I would gladly see pursued. Traditional in appearance—golden, translucent, strong carbonation, pure white two fingers of lacy head—but with unique additions in judicious amounts to add a layer of intrigue to the flavor. Wheat smooths the palate entry exquisitely almost to invisibility, followed by a brief pale malt backbone (Maris Otter, fittingly ‘gamey’) before citrus and Centennial hops close in assertively in the final third. Alcohol of 6% is noticeable but fairly tame in a mix that also includes brettanomyces, which plays an almost sweet vs. sour role in this finish, allowing the hops (fundamentally grassy, but with some tropical spark around the edges) to be assertive without becoming puckering. Aroma reflected this: slightly musty and pungent without being funky or too thick. Complex without being busy, doesn’t overplay its hand.

Served: On tap (The Rover, Gothenburg)

Rating: 86


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