Mikkeller – Beer Geek Breakfast Stout

IT MAY BE THE RESULT of a blasted palate (numerous Dark Horses deep at this point, thanks to Olle & Mikael of Ølbutikken), but something about the Beer Geek just wasn’t clicking on revelatory levels. Classic appearance in its deep brown to black color and full head. Packed  malt aroma, smoke and cocoa with wood chips, and prickly alcohol of 7.5%. Plenty of body (i.e. noticeable residuals) from the addition of barley and oats, but the nearly carbonized, toasty finish makes it seem very dry. Frankly reminiscent of the burnt Guinness/Starbucks routine, minus the former’s luscious nitro (though its own copious sandy-colored head is no slouch, at least out of the bottle). Little dusty, carbonation and alcohol not prominent factors. Could be a formidable platform for aging or embellishment, but fresh and solo mostly preferable for coffee drinkers.

Served: On tap (Mikkeller Bar, Copenhagen)

Rating: 87

Mikkeller Beer Geek


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