Amager – Envy IPA

AmagerSOLID IPA FROM AMAGER, but feels a bit as though it’s just fleshing out the details of their (admittedly clever and well-conceived) Sinner Series, which calls for one brew for each of the seven mortal sins. Basic malt profile of Munich and Pilsner plus some American-style hopping (Simcoe, Centennial, and notably Amarillo) make this a West Coast homage (hence the ‘envy’) bulked up to Danish micro standards. 6.5% ABV is notable in the slightly slick finish, but the clear golden pour and nearly pils-style head are relatively unassuming. Again, Amarillo tart fruit is most notable in aroma and flavor, which is definitely heavy on the bitters but not so raw root-chewing as a Sierra Nevada or Lagunitas, for instance. Little too light on the finish for its strength; a lower ABV or heftier malt package would have done this good.

Served: 33 cl bottle at Ølbutikken

Rating:  85


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