Dark Horse Brewing – Plead the 5th Imperial Stout

Plead the 5th Imperial StoutAN IMPERIAL STOUT for those who desire fruit saturation, reminiscent of port in decadence or Baileys as a viscous and dessert-like digestif . 11% ABV, but likely with a towering OG to allow for such a full body even at the end. Massive roasted malt, some coffee and licorice striving to be noted a few sips in. Deeply, deeply black. Deep brown head a touch larger than expected given the heavy body and molasses density of its pour. Hops are surely heaped in to achieve its balance, but they mostly appear briefly towards the end so as to help the roasted finish keep its poise, lacking much in the way of carbonation. Alcohol is only a factor in the aroma, but no acridity or slickness on the palate. Far from a subtle brew, but the concentration of dark fruits–raisins, prunes, plums–underpinning the malt attack help fill out the mouthfeel and keep it from being exhausting. Would delight to age this, though barrel-aging may almost seem like an overkill.

Served: 12 oz bottle (courtesey of Ølbutikken)

Rating: 94


4 thoughts on “Dark Horse Brewing – Plead the 5th Imperial Stout

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