Aberlour – A’bunadh

Aberlour FIRST RESPONSE to tasting this—at Ølbutikken and fed by Olle the Swede, bless him—was ‘Fy fan,’ but perhaps ‘Great Scott’ would have been more apropos. Non-chill filtered, cask strength of 59.7% ABV, and mighty all around. Looks like an amber rum and smells the same from a distance—vanilla, clove, Christmas kind of potpourri spices from the Oloroso sherry butts its aged in (also responsible for its entirely natural color)—but up close unsheathes some potent, sinus-clearing, faintly acrid daggers. Not chemical or raw eye-watering alcohol, however, but rather an uplifting warmth and roasted crackle roundly dispersed in the palate. Does not evaporate, leaving a satisfying warmth and substance to actually swallow. Thick with cherry, ginger, and even some chocolate towards the back, one could almost call it luxurious and use it as a replacement for liqueur, but at this quality (and price), best not to. A winter warmer of scotch if ever there were one.

Served: Batch 28 (2009)

Rating: 96


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