Gaffel – Kölsch

EXPERIENCED AT GAFFEL AM DOM, their brewpub with the modern-façade in the shadows of the Hbf and Dom itself, next to the kind of hotel that parades through black Mercedes-Benzes and has Rolex displays in its window. More homey, traditional kind of long hall on the inside, if slightly too sporty. Brilliantly clear pilsner gold with swirls of fine carbonation. Head is full, but like an angel food cake evaporates swiftly after one kiss. Body is light with a faintly watery sleeve surrounding pale malt flavors. Water slightly on the harder side, as a small mineral zip accompanies the modest citrus hop bloom of the finish. Carbonation on the higher side for this style, helping end on a more assertively crisp note than its flatter entry.

Served: Gravity tap (Gaffel am Dom, Cologne)

Rating: 85


2 thoughts on “Gaffel – Kölsch

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