Emmett’s Brewing – Java Stout

QUITE AKIN TO THEIR other dark ales in looks (i.e. black with a light tan nitro cap of generous proportions), the Java Porter also shares much of the base profile with the Dry Irish: body on the lighter side of medium, straightforward roasted barley flavors, minimal hop aroma or bitterness, and a dry finish with some slightly burnt residuals. A little less dry than the Irish and a little heavier body. Head is admittedly triumphant in its durability, but offers little in the way of flavor. Java bean addition certain gives plenty of coffee grounds to the aroma and to the finish, but some of these qualities were already extant in the ‘base’ brew.  Would  estimate right around 5%. Thus a variation on a theme that’s a step up from the Dry Irish, but again a step down from the Double Barrel.

Served: On nitro tap (Emmett’s Tavern, Palatine)

Rating: 82


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