New Belgium – Trippel

New_Belgium_Trippel_AleDECEPTIVELY TRANSPARENT with a well-carbonated appearance and a pure white fine foam head, this tripel-style ale is the lifetime companion of New Belgium’s dubbel-style Abbey Ale. And a mite bit better at that. Some crisp phenols in the aroma, lemon and orange zest, with hints of the added coriander as well, but not overmuch. The flavor continues all of these threads with more pronounced husk, a little grassier undertone, and a slow swell of hops (Saaz, Liberty, Target) at the end. Major yeast breadiness—half Belgian, half lager—and slight sawdust texture of lingering dextrins throughout fill the finish and body to a medium level. Almost a little amber honey in the roundness of the latter half, reflecting the relatively low attenuation to 7.8% ABV instead of  the 9+ found in some drier instances of the style. Altogether one of the better American efforts at a reasonably traditional tripel—and affordable to boot.

Served: 12 oz bottle best by 06 Oct 2013

Rating: 90


5 thoughts on “New Belgium – Trippel

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