5 Rabbit – 5 Lizard Witbier

WITBIER BY NAME, nearly hefeweizen for its hazy golden color and ester-heavy bouquet. Definitely less sweet than a hefe, however, and more like a Berliner for its more pronounced phenolic edge and nearly salty array of spices that hit forward on the palate. Quite tart. Rather well attenuated with an ABV of 4.3% and strong and somewhat mineral-heavy carbonation. Bitterness comes from these qualities more than the hops, which are lightly grassy and focused on the middle section. Some citrus zest to balance the aforementioned spices, which also include clove and coriander, perhaps even a bit of pepper. Body a little overpowered by these bold stabs, but a refreshing and drier alternative that cuts easily through fried or cheesy foods.

Served: On tap (Farmhouse, Chicago)

Rating: 82


2 thoughts on “5 Rabbit – 5 Lizard Witbier

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