Allagash – Tripel

Allagash Tripel AleTRADITIONAL IN FOUNDATION, American in accentuation, Allagash’s Tripel is a solid indicator of their brewery at large. Instantly recognizable as a tripel for its bountiful head, hazy golden color, 9% ABV, etc., and definitely in the prominence of yeast. No surprises there, given their pedigree in refermented ales. The twist comes through in the expression of the yeast itself (a different bottling yeast than the one used for fermenting all their ales), which is distinctively reminiscent of grapefruit and passionfruit more so than the  more common (and still present) citrus or banana. This gives the brew an almost tropical edge, which combines well with its slightly heavier than average body. Phenols fairly prominent towards the end along with some clove and spice, but the fruit zest still is the lingering impression, even after the decisive carbonation dissipation.

Served: 33 cl bottled Jan 2013

Rating: 91


2 thoughts on “Allagash – Tripel

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