Boulevard Brewing – Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale

DSC05988ALLEGING ‘PERSNICKETY’ SPIRITS that inhabit the eponymous tank, Boulevard lays claim to a distinguished saison in this 8.5% ABV brew. Uniformly translucent (i.e. no floating residuals), some effort at a head but bubbles too large too last, with aromas of grapefruity Amarillo hops and some lemongrass to complement a sharp tingle of alcohol and yeast. Flavors driven by high-acidity Magnum and Bravo hops, but not in such quantities as to dominate; IBU still only around 38—above the typical range, but no more than the boosted gravities (17.3 Plato down to 2.5). Thus a body on the fuller side for saison relative to its carbonation, but still light compared to its alcohol level, which tends to push to the front ahead of softer fruit and yeast flavors. Altogether quite good, but perhaps not quite strong enough with the funk—the hay of this farmhouse isn’t strewn across the floor so much as stacked neatly in piles, leaving this fated tank to fill the air with a boozy purity.

Served: 12 oz bottle best by 12/20/13

Rating: 88


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