Diageo – Myer’s Rum

MyersMEDIUM DARK, cola-colored and with a bit of accumulated grit on the top after ages spent in a freezer. Once poured the presence of molasses (from which it is 100% distilled) is heady and powerful, outstripping all other impressions of vanilla or other common notes in such a liquor. Alcohol does eventually swim up through the mix, making itself especially felt on the palate alongside aggressively blackened grains. Indeed, even at cold temperatures this rum packs a hot punch unadulterated by spices or smoothing sweeteners. Rather, its full body crackles and goes down with a long and somewhat bitter finish. Not for sipping, surely, but sure to give any cocktail all the necessary action. All this said, the bottle did hiss upon opening; may need to return to this fresh for a fairer assessment.

Rating: 83


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