New Holland – Black Tulip Tripel

SLIGHTLY DARKER (a bit more amber) than the average tripel, the New Holland also tips its American provenance via a slightly hoppier nose and flavor, dialing back the mineral snap of true trappist tripels in favor of an easier-drinking, fruit-forward brew. Not precisely sweet, though, this still has a light body, plenty of esters in the nose, an appropriately yeasty finish, and at least medium carbonation (could have been attenuated a little more from its nearly 20 Plato, though it is already 9% ABV). Michigan beet sugar also gives it a more Stateside flair. A little understated, all things considered, lacking the spices and mineral boldness of the best in favor of a creaminess that is almost too simple. And yet a fair riposte to New Belgium’s Trippel, when it comes to New [Bene-of-the-lux] homage.

Served: On tap (The Village Idiot, Lexington)

Rating: 87


One thought on “New Holland – Black Tulip Tripel

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