Boulevard Brewing – Unfiltered Wheat Beer

Unfiltered Wheat BeerAMERICAN-STYLE WHEAT ALES seem a little drab these days, and perhaps none more so than the Boulevard Wheat. One hopes this is an off bottle (aluminum, in fact), since it hardly seemed to consist of anything at all—almost like a watered-down runoff of cloudy pale straw color,  thin lacing without a head, medium carbonation, and a mouthfeel that disappears almost before its begun. One might only have guessed that it was wheat for its lack of ale’s fruity depth/hop presence or lager’s crisp clarity. Wheat comprises 20% of the grist, wheat malt 22%, and the final Plato comes out to 2.7 for an ABV of 4.4%. Some bits of lemon sweetness in the finish do hint at the hops (Bravo, Palisade, Simcoe, Summit), but aren’t used in such quantities as to leave a mark. Numerous American breweries have concocted commendable Trappist tributes (Boulevard’s own being respectable), but if this is the Midwest’s top-selling wheat beer then the time has not yet come for them to mount much of a credible challenge to Germany for the throne.

Served: 12 oz aluminum bottle

Rating: 63


3 thoughts on “Boulevard Brewing – Unfiltered Wheat Beer

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