Lakefront Brewery – Fixed Gear Amber Ale

Fixed Gear LakefrontSOLID FOR A MIDWESTERN HOPPY amber ale, though perhaps it oversells its maltiness a little. Perhaps they were more in play before the dry-hopping, which overruns the nose more so than in most ales this dark, halfway between deep red and brown. Hops (Cascade and Chinook) lead the way front to back, shifting a little from bitter grass to citrus towards the end, where the caramel of the malts also comes forward for a better effort at balance. ABV nearly 7%, which isn’t really necessary—the modest body, clean finish, and slightly boosted carbonation would all respond just as well at 5%. Would handle BBQ and spiced pork, but not accentuate beef or robust pasta dishes well.

Served: 12 oz bottle

Rating: 83


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