Mendocino Brewing – Black Hawk Stout

Source: theperfectlyhappyman.comHAD A GUINNESS? Any effort at a dry Irish must of course be measured against the original crème pie in a pint, however trite the comparisons eventually become, and Black Hawk just doesn’t have much new to offer. Black in color, tan and fine bubbles in a taut head, but not too much carbonation in the body, smooth palate entry with plenty of roast malt and a bit of raisins up front, leaving the finish dry, swift, and a little flat after a slug of phenols. Striving for easy drinking, “subtlety”, and to “convert even the most reticent stout drinker” leads Mendocino to forego the best qualities of the style.

Served: 12 oz bottle

Rating: 80


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