Widmer Brothers – Omission Pale Ale

OMISSION IS ON A MISSION “…to brew a great craft beer with traditional beer ingredients that everyone of legal drinking
age can enjoy.” In other words, a gluten-free beer. Thus the rather brilliant branding title, which implies everything the beer does without having to make it explicit (i.e. dull or inferior to average beer drinkers). The Widmer Brothers logo is even more buried in the branding, such that Omission seems more like its own brand than a line. Altogether it’s a solid marketing pitch that the beer more or less backs up. Maybe a little less.

Omission’s Pale Ale is on the darker end of the amber spectrum (more caramel malt than Munich, and only the dark variant of the latter) and has a middling full body for the style. Aromas are pleasantly balanced between some caramel sweet malts and a medium dose exotic fruit from the Citra hops (a stronger dose of aroma hops wouldn’t have gone awry, in fact). It does follow that the beer is gluten-free, though, as a certain element of mouthfeel and complexity usually sought in the midpalate is missing. Still, its lacing is excellent and the textures generally balance between chewy malts and a steady one-two Cascade/Citra hop movement. AT only 33 IBU, though, a stronger dose of hops for bittering would probably also have been a blessing, especially when the luscious Citra are on hand. The finish is short and simple with a bit of mineral twist from the slightly above average carbonation. Alcohol of 5.8% none too notable. Overall, Omission has the makings of a session ale–it just pulled out a bit too much along with the gluten.

Served: 12 oz bottle

Rating: 83


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