Emmett’s Brewing – Poor Richard’s Colonial Ale

NOMINALLY A ‘COLONIAL-STYLE traditional ale’, the Poor Richard’s amalgamates various dark ale traits without quite committing to any of them. Its color is a deep brown, slightly translucent, though the paleness of the head (itself too modest) didn’t quite seem to match up. Milk chocolate dominates the (thus singular) aroma, though with some creativity one can also imagine seasonal spices (coriander, possibly nutmeg) and a bit of pepper coming through as well as blackened malts. The latter come to the fore on the palate, almost exclusively as the chocolate did in the nose, and leave some burnt grain in the drier-side finish. Carbonation one of the few balanced qualities in this 6.5% beer. Would feel somewhat like a porter if its body were more substantial and hops were more of a factor. Too, its vacillation as a drink is matched by its presentation at the brewery: no product description and some miscommunication about its qualities and contents. Initially engaging, but hard to get more excited about something so tentative.

Served: On tap (Emmett’s Tavern, Palatine)

Rating: 83


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