Big Bay – Long Weekend IPA

Big Bay Long Weekend IPAA CHARMING-LOOKING IPA, a touch towards amber in color with a plentiful head and pleasantly smooth hop aroma (Tettnanger and East Kent Golding). A little noncommittal, though. A final gravity of 3.5 Plato ensures that it’s substantial enough early on the palate with the caramel malt contributing more than just color, accompanied by grassy grains and a dash of citrus. But a sudsy finish and tame aftertaste leave it in the doldrums—a regrettably recurring theme in Big Bay’s products. Admittedly, Long Weekend is an English-style IPA (brush of Centennial hops notwithstanding) of only 45 IBUs and thus considerably less aggressive by design than its Stateside counterpart. But in aiming for a “friends and family” kind of brew Big Bay may miss the boat for all of them.

Served: 12 oz bottle

Rating: 76


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