Victory Brewing – Festbier

Victory FestbierTHEIR GOLDEN MONKEY aside, Victory Brewing can generally be depended upon for balanced recipes and occasionally inspiring homage to continental tradition. Thus Festbier, their lopsided Oktoberfest, is both a surprise and a disappointment. It pours a slightly disconcerting orange with a frothy beige head and releases an aroma stuffed with the biscuit and sweet bread notes of wet-kilned malts. These repeat in the flavor, predictable for its first half until a wave of late caramel that overpowers the carbonation, dispels the gentle floral hops, and clogs the finish more than befits a lager. To be fair, some other Oktoberfests certainly go further awry and Festbier remains plenty drinkable. But it’s a curiously underwhelming recipe from a brewery that should have earned a hearty Prost!.

Served: 12 oz bottle

Rating: 79


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