The Famous Grouse – Black Grouse

Black GrouseA LITTLE DARKER than the average caramelized whisky blend, approaching a light mahogany perhaps. Moderately peated nose, not too aggressive and rather well balanced with some oak wood chip, caramel, and faint fruit sweetness (pear?). Some spice on the palate, a little late burn and a body a bit lighter than expected. A good dwell in the finish sits around the roof of the mouth and tastefully recalls its peat and grain basis. It doesn’t quite have the depth and body to make it a real standout amongst peated whiskies, but it is a moderately-priced blend, after all, ranging from Highland Park in the north through Macallan near Speyside. The tasteful incorporation of smoke into the slightly sweeter Famous Grouse template make it a good crossover candidate, an easier sipper than Islays, and a more considerate partner for smoked chicken or a peppery stir-fry.

Rating: 88


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