Dewar’s – White Label Blended Scotch

Dewars WhiteSIMILAR IN COLOR to its 12-year elder, Dewar’s White Label basic blend has the typical amber color of most caramel-added blends. It can readily be distinguished by its body, though, which is considerably lighter, showing many thin and swiftly sheeting legs. On the nose it is similarly fresh, showing young oak, nail polish remover, some vanilla, and cereal grains. Maybe some pale stone fruit. A somewhat charcoal smokiness comes through in the second wave and a little wet alcohol must. On the palate it pops with some initial heat then settles into a mild texture, round and warm though stopping short of cloying. The underlying smokiness from the nose takes a more lead role here, though overall the impression remains considerably smoother than the aroma suggested. Some returning heat and light pepperiness in the finish, which doesn’t linger in texture so much as a back-palate sensation. A little plastic in the aftertaste. Decent solo, if rather non-committal, it’s prime mixer material.

Rating: 74


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