Brasseries Kronenbourg – Kronenbourg Blanc

BlancDESPITE THE STAMP of 1664 that it shares with Kronenbourg’s flagship lager, Blanc is a thoroughly 21st century offering. Technically a Witbier, Blanc’s snazzy blue bottling and fruit-forward profile seem more oriented towards fans of wine coolers, alcopops, and shandies. Wits are already light, fruity, and marginally bitter, but Blanc tips the scales even further: its wheat spiciness is hard to trace, the floral hops quite fragile, and the fruit sweetness that leads the way is oddly peachy, replacing the orange or citric notes more typical for the style. Its body is a little heavier, too, and though its faint color and carbonation are both on-point, Blanc is too toothsome to be an inspiring light refreshment. Still a step up from Smirnoff Ice.

Served: 33 cl bottl

Rating: 74


One thought on “Brasseries Kronenbourg – Kronenbourg Blanc

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