Southern Star – Blind Ambition

blindambition_web_slimVESTED IN AN opaque ceramic 750 ml with a swing-top cap and mystifying cover art, Southern Star’s Blind Ambition has the esoteric allure of something found in an abandoned cellar. Alas, as with most American Bière de Gardes it ultimately oversells itself by a considerable margin. Pouring a light amber, the beer has notes of honey, orange, and caramel malt on the nose. These follow in sequence on the palate with a little yeasty brushing later on to bolster its medium-light body and moderate carbonation. Hops are a little floral and spicy, but play a minor role overall, and the 7.6% ABV is hard to pick out, perhaps showing a bit of warmth later on the palate. Equally if not more lacking are the cellar notes, touch of funk, or herbal spice that would earn Blind Ambition both its packaging and its style appellation. Without either prop, Blind Ambition is a decent but forgettable amber-ish ale.

Served: 750 ml ceramic bottle

Rating: 81

Blind Ambition Southern Star


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