Two Brothers Brewing – Night Cat

Night CatNIGHT CAT is one of Two Brothers latest seasonals—a dark and hoppy wheat ale appropriated slated for fall release (in cans). It pours a dark amber, dense than a dunkelweizen, and is unexpectedly heavy in Simcoe hops early on the nose. The transition on the palate to Citra’s tropic charm is smooth and surprisingly sneaky. 43 IBUs is rather high for a wheat ale, though the flavors are blended with a natural ease here that complements its 5.8% ABV. And despite its dark color Night Cat has only a moderate body with some light wheat spiciness, bits of toffee, and a clean deliberate finish. The beer’s overall profile is assertive without being heavy, making Night Cat the superior wheat ale to Ebel’s Weiss in the brewery’s lineup. Shame this one is the seasonal.

Served: 12 oz can

Rating: 87


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