New Glarus Brewing – Thumbprint Berliner Weisse

New GlarusNATIONALLY REVERED but comfortably self-contained and never boastful, New Glarus seems the ideal source for America’s benchmark Berliner Weisse. The style’s hallmarks are a low ABV, airy wheaty body, refreshing lactic zip, and a virtually transparent finish. Unassuming yet distinctive, New Glarus’ effort ticks all of these boxes with ease, then adds its own tasteful ‘thumbprint’. Pouring a pale and cloudy straw color with a delicate white film of head, the beer’s aroma suggests moderate tartness with hints of grape and citric fruit. The distinctive lactic tartness arrives early on the palate, which the wheat of the body smooths and clears out with remarkable ease. The prickle of assertive carbonation holds off long enough to allow these flavors their space, then arrives to air out the finish to a dry and almost total transparency. It’s a wonderful zip of refreshment that’s gone almost too soon, but not for lack of character during its stay. A noteworthy case of a brewer and beer understanding one another completely.

Served: 12 oz bottle

Rating: 90


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