Temperance Beer Company – Gatecrasher IPA

Temperance BeerEVANSTON, IL’s first brewery, cheekily named Temperance Beer Co., terms Gatecrasher an English-style IPA. It’s a slight oversell of the beer’s continental qualities but still on the right track overall: instead of pushing citrus, pine, or tropical notes this 6.6% ABV pale ale is earthy, woody, spicy, and maybe an iota funky, too. Some American twists do come through—particularly the little catty tang on the midpalate—but it’s a fairly sweet profile overall. Also more to the English style sugar adjuncts were added to lighten the body while still achieving a robust ABV, keeping the malt mouthfeel restrained. A little too much, perhaps. A moderate bitterness swells on back of tongue and is eased down rather than dispelled by the moderately assertive carbonation. The finish leaves off with a touch of alcohol and yeast. Altogether a worldly IPA to slosh against an old oak bar, albeit still a work in progress.

Served: Growler

Rating: 87


One thought on “Temperance Beer Company – Gatecrasher IPA

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