Pipeworks Brewing – Hey, Careful Man, There’s a Beverage Here!

Pipeworks Hey CarefulWHO BUT PIPEWORKS could (or would even think to) brew a beer in homage to The Dude, who hardly ever drank one? White Russians were more his style, and lots of them. But the canny crew at Pipeworks managed to cook up something suitable, and even though Hey, Careful Man, There’s A Beverage Here! doesn’t include any rum it certainly delivers on several other key components: vanilla, a spirituous kick, lactose sugar for a milky thick mouthfeel, and quantity, quantity, quantity. Hey, Careful Man… is thick and creamy—not just in texture but in literal girth—which its vigorous dosage of coffee beans can only do so much to mitigate. A further oddity is that this ‘white stout’ contains no roasted malts whatsoever—thus its mead-like thick honey hue—but still contains enough coffee beans to taste as though its malts were thoroughly toasted. After all this glut on the palate a brief surge of hops pushes to the fore, sufficient to be a welcome change of pace if not quite enough to really tie the room together (i.e. create a semblance of balance on the back end). Still, this is a fascinating indulgence and no doubt tastes even better when drunk from the bottle, in a bathrobe, on a day with nothing else to do but abide.

Served: On tap (Beer Hoptacular, Chicago)

Rating: 88


2 thoughts on “Pipeworks Brewing – Hey, Careful Man, There’s a Beverage Here!

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