Upland Brewing – Strawberry Lambic

Upland Strawberry LambicOF UPLAND’s numerous fruit lambics, this Strawberry version may be the best suited to the presence of lactic acid. Giving the nose a quite earthy and somewhat funky tenor, it blends exceptionally well with the natural, mature strawberry flavors on the palate to imply an almost shortbread kind of texture— smoothly sweet underscored with a baking soda kind of tang from its dry body and residual acidity. Unlike so many strawberry beverages, beer or otherwise, Upland’s Lambic is not cloying, but rather earthy and real. The carbonation is quite strong, expansive enough to give the beer’s finish an airiness that belies its moderate puckering tartness and contrast neatly with the barnyard twinge of the early Brett aromas. Well played, overall, yet not quite layered nor funky enough to be more than an elegant aperitif.

Served: 750 ml bottled 8-8-13 (batch 08-10)

Rating: 88


3 thoughts on “Upland Brewing – Strawberry Lambic

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