Grand Teton – Oud Bruin (Cellar Reserve 2013)

Grand Teton Oud BruinIF GRAND TETON packaged their Oud Bruin as an adult fruit spritzer it would be much more appealing: an aroma full of apple cider, rhubarb, and fresh plums, a medium body ladling on dark cherry and further taffy apple sweetness, and a slight mineral twang in the finish that primes the mouth for another sip.

Of something else. Where is the tartness? Where is the lively spritz of carbonation? The complex texture and funk of voracious wild yeasts? Where is the dry depth and lingering finish that inspire one to contemplate instead of chase? Assuredly, Grand Teton’s Oud Bruin is quite palatable and even pleasant in its way, but hardly as the East Flanders red after which it’s modeled. For all Grand Teton says of the beer’s bacterial trifecta (Brettanomyces, lactobacillus, and pediococcus) and months’-long maturation, regrettably few of those extra efforts are discernible in its plump body, uniformly sweet flavors, and one-dimensional mouthfeel. But such ales as these are often gambles, with no two batches (nor even bottles) quite the same. Perhaps the wild will-o-wisps overlooked this one? We’ll hope so.

Served: 750 ml bottle

Rating: 76


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