Breckenridge Brewery – Ophelia Hoppy Wheat

Breckenridge Ophelia Wheat AleAT ONLY 23 IBUs, one wouldn’t think much of Breckenridge’s claim that Ophelia is a “hoppy wheat ale.” Yet when those hops are Mosaic and Palisade that low tally can be deceiving. These two robustly aromatic cultivars are relatively new to the scene and can deliver rich flavors without heaping on harsh bitterness. Thus the light amber Ophelia is indeed hop-heavy, resinous, piney, and pithy, with substantial undertones of citrus. In fact, between the pronounced carbonation and hop bite in the finish, there’s ultimately more hop here than wheat. It’s not that the body is too light—just undefined and lacking in the crisp zip characteristic of the grain that so distinguishes Hefeweizen and Witbier. Ophelia’s bright hop flavors keep it refreshing, but it’s overall rather imbalanced and not a very effective use of the ingredients at hand. Charming label, though.

Served: 12 oz bottle

Rating: 78


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