Constructive Consumption

Collected perspectives on film, art, literature, music--and what to drink while you're about it.

Collected perspectives on film, art, literature, music–and what to drink while you’re about it.

AFTER YEARS of cataloguing thoughts on things for primarily private purposes, the time has come to open the archives.

Enlightening cinema, transcendent harmony, or clarifying brews can be appreciated individually. Yet these and other arts grow stronger through conversation and camaraderie, which sharpens thought and strengthens memory. Towards this end meet Constructive Consumption.

In truth, this project is no noble calling: much of it will read merely as indulgent tasting notes and long-winded essays on film. But as we are compelled to consume—food and art to live and thrive—those of us fortunate enough to choose our fare owe it the respect of reflection.

Best that these thoughts should be passed round the same fireside, silver screen, or uncorked bottle. But as the world is yet too large and we too far afield, better to share them here than not at all. So with this invitation please come, partake, and impart your own experiences and observations. And let us do our part to banish apathy.

– Dec 8, 2013